Map. History of Qatar conflict

22 November 2017
4 countries: Qatar Continues to Support Terrorism and its Financing and Promote Extremism
International Union of Muslim Scholars, led by Yusuf al-Qaradawi, named as terrorist organization by #SaudiArabia #UAE #Bahrain and #Egypt.
Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain announced the addition of two entities and eleven individuals to their banned terrorist lists
WTO to hear Qatar's complaint against UAE over blockade
Rouhani: We reject the adventures of some inexperienced princes because they are detrimental to the security of the region
President Putin briefed the Emir of Qatar on preparations for the trilateral summit between Moscow, Ankara and Tehran in Sochi on Syria - Kremlin says
Putin met with Qatar emir, discussed Middle East issues, Syria
Commander of US troops in Afghanistan, Gen. Nicholson, says a US F-22 and Afghan A-29s also participated in airstrikes
Qatar's Foreign Minister: Actions of Saudi Arabia and the UAE in Yemen do not serve the goal for which the alliance enters
Qatari Foreign Minister: we are not responsible for the tensions with Egypt
#Iran exports to #Qatar up 117%
Iranian Foreign Ministry: Riyadh must end the siege of Qatar and stop the pressure on Lebanon and Bahrain
Saudi FM @AdelAljubeir reiterated Crown Prince MBS’ Oct statement describing the Gulf rift w Qatar as a “very very small problem” adding “there are other more important issues”
Qatari State Minister for Defense Khaled al-Attaiyah: We did not support al-Nusra and Nusra-like in #Syria. #SaudiArabia was with us in an alliance relating #Syria.
Qatari State Minister for Defense Khaled al-Attaiyah: A gulf state hindered our rapprochement with #Egypt and is pushing the Egyptian media to attack #Qatar.
"Exactly what happened to Qatar six months ago is happening now to Lebanon,” Qatari FM Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani said in Washington
Sheikh Sultan Bin Suhaim Al-Thani,a Qatari opposition figure, addressing 500k tribesmen today: "We’ll restore Qatar"
500,000 people gather at event in East. Saudi-Arabia condemning Qatar after citizenship of local tribal chief revoked
Troops in Qatar must conquer the hearts of the people, President Erdoğan says during visit to the Qatari-Turkish base in Doha
Central Command: We have not made a decision about participating in future Gulf maneuvers
"No decision has been made in regards to participation in future exercises", @CENTCOM says "decision to abstain from exercise Iron Falcon in Oct was out of respect for all of our Gulf Partners and the critical role each plays in our shared interests in the region"
King Mohammed VI of Morocco arrived in Qatar today, held a meeting w Qatari Emir after Moroccan-Emirati summit talks
NATO: UAE and Qatar seeking to join @ResoluteSupport military training and advising mission in Afghanistan
NATO chief says he doesn't want to elaborate on UAE and Qatar's participation in @ResoluteSupport and said the two countries need to give details on this themselves
NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said Qatar and UAE are seeking to contribute to @ResoluteSupport - says their "presence is a strong symbol of global support for Afghanistan"
Stoltenberg said NATO recommitted today to working towards finding a political solution to peace in Afghanistan. He says UAE and Qatar government seeking to contribute to @ResoluteSupport
Qatar to reopen embassy in Baghdad. Iraq wants Qatar to invest in Iraqi reconstruction.
Qatar's foreign minister: the countries of the blockade in a crisis with international diplomacy and with themselves
The Foreign Minister of Qatar urges Baghdad to solve issues with Kurdistan Region through dialogue.
Qatar Airways boss eyes bigger investment in Cathay Pacific