Map. History of Qatar conflict

26 September 2017
Qatari FM: China, Russia support Kuwaiti mediation to solve crisis
Qatari Foreign Minister: # Qatar has called on the countries of the blockade to provide evidence of their allegations, but they did not provide one evidence
Egypt’s FM demands Doha to stop ‘supporting terrorism,’ Qatar responds to Emirati accusations at UNGA 72
Lavrov: We have sent a clear message to the parties to the Gulf crisis to sit around the negotiating table
Qatar's Foreign Minister: Accountability for atrocities of regime is the responsibility of the international community
The Trump-linked firm lobbying for Qatar just hiked its monthly retainer from $150,000 to a whopping $500,000
Somali Federal government demonstrates and insists its neutral on GulfCrisis saying"we are side with no group but neutral countries"
Sameh Shukri "slap the Qatari Foreign Minister after insulting President Sisi
Stratfor: Sources say Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates considered military action against Qatar.
Somalia's Galmudug regional State announces siding with Saudi led-coalition against Qatar
Egyptian authorities prevent Qatari students from entering Egypt to continue their studies in Qatar
Al-Sisi: It is time for a decisive confrontation with the terrorists in the region
"We will get it solved," Pres Trump said of Qatar dispute with some other Arab states. They last met with the Emir in May at Saudi summit.
"We’re trying to solve a problem in the Middle East and I think we’ll get it solved," says Pres at start of meeting with Emir of Qatar.
Trump: I have a feeling that the Gulf crisis will be resolved very quickly
Trump denies having warned Saudi Arabia against military action against Qatar
Trump warned the Saudis and UAE against taking military action in dispute with Qatar, sources say.
Emir of Qatar meets Teresa May, Prime Minister of Britain
Emir of Qatar: Libya's national consensus can be achieved, which preserves Libya's unity and sovereignty
Emir of Qatar: Qatar is currently running its life successfully thanks to the existence of crossings not controlled by the embargo countries
Amir of Qatar: I call on the Myanmar government to take the necessary measures to stop the violence against the Rohingya
The Arab States that will speak on the first day of the general deliberations of the General Assembly: Qatar, Egypt and Mauritania
Foreign Ministers of the 4 countries calling for the fight against terrorism: We reaffirm the constant readiness for a political solution to the crisis with Qatar to abide by the implementation of the 13 demands
Egypt FM says if Qatar responds positive to demands , they're open for the reconciliation
Ousted Egyptian President Morsi Gets 25-year Jail Sentence in Qatar Spy Case
Qatari Foreign Minister warns citizens not to travel to Egypt after security measures were taken against Qataris upon entry.
Emir of Qatar in a press conference with Germany's Merkel: "We want a solution that satisfies all sides"
Qatar's emir says Doha ready to sit at a negotiating table to solve the crisis
Trump to meet Qatar Emir + Jordan King in New York next week
Spokesman for the Turkish Presidency: We will discuss the Gulf crisis with all parties in New York