9 December 2023
1 month ago
A high-level Israeli official, in coordination with the U.S., visited Doha to meet Qatari negotiators on Saturday to discuss the hostage situation and further the talks about the release of hostages, an official briefed on the visit tells Fox News
1 month ago
Negotiations are progressing rapidly to achieve a ceasefire agreement and an exchange deal between Hamas and Israel, with Qatari mediation
Qatar hands the death sentence to 8 ex Indian sailors in its custody; India says shocked", in touch with family members and the legal team1 month ago
Qatar hands the death sentence to 8 ex Indian sailors in its custody; India says "shocked", in touch with family members and the legal team
1 month ago
The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister meets with the political leadership of Hamas in Doha and discusses with them the fate of the detainees
1 month ago
The Qatari Prime Minister and Foreign Minister: We denounce the provocative statements of some Israeli officials, the accuser of Qatar
1 month ago
Senior Hamas Leader Khaled Meshaal tells Sky News that civilian hostages held by Hamas will be released if Israel reduces air strikes on Gaza
The Department of Defense is putting additional military forces on higher alert for quick deployment due to fears of war between Israel and Hamas growing into a regional conflict
Treasury imposes sanctions on 10 Hamas members and financial facilitators in Gaza and elsewhere including Sudan, Turkey, Algeria and Qatar
Qatari report: The Biden administration warned the Iranian representative at the UN that if Iran intervenes directly in the conflict, the United States will act militarily
1 month ago
A Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh meets with the Russian President's special envoy to the Middle East, Mikhail Bogdanov, in Doha
Iran Foreign Ministry spokesman: No new development has occurred regarding the unfrozen Iranian funds [in Qatar]. These assets belong to Iranian nation and are available to Iran within the defined and guaranteed framework. Iran will use them according to its needs
1 month ago
Tonight Iran’s foreign minister met Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in Qatar
1 month ago
Iran FM met Qatar PM and FM in Doha
1 month ago
US Secretary of State: I thank the State of Qatar for its efforts to work to release the hostages in Gaza
1 month ago
U.S. and Qatar agree to stop Iran from tapping $6 billion humanitarian fund as authorities probe Hamas attack in Israel
2 month ago
A source in Hamas told the Chinese News Agency: Qatar is mediating a quick prisoner exchange deal with Israel
2 month ago
Plane carrying 5 Iranian Americans prisoners freed by Iran has arrived in Doha as part of a prisoner swap with America
Plane carrying 5 freed Americans in prisoner exchange with Iran departs Tehran for Qatar
Iran says frozen funds transferred from South Korea to Qatar
Reuters: A Qatari plane in Iran is preparing to transport 5 Americans who will be released and two of their relatives to Doha today.
.@StateDeptSpox says the US will be watching the Iranian funds transferred to Qatar closely to make sure they are only spent on humanitarian goods and will "have the ability to freeze them again if we need to."
Al-Burhan will visit Doha on Thursday to discuss the relations of the two countries and the situation in Sudan
Official Spokesperson for Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar @majedalansari: Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Discusses key Files during visit to Ukraine4 month ago
Official Spokesperson for Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar @majedalansari: Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Discusses key Files during visit to Ukraine
CENTCOM chief Gen. Michael Erik Kurilla met with Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, Israeli army Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi, and other Israeli army officials. According to a readout, they discussed the Iranian threat in the Middle East and cooperation with the US.
4 month ago
Turkish President: We want to strengthen relations with Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Qatar
5 month ago
The Emir of Qatar called Putin, according to the Kremlin. The Qatari leader expressed support for the actions of the Russian leadership in connection with the events of June 24
US "welcomes and congratulates" Qatar and the UAE on their resumption of diplomatic representation and reopening embassies
Five billion dollars from Qatar to Iraq, a significant figure on the results of the visit of Qatar's Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani to Baghdad
UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed welcomes the agreement to restore relations between Bahrain and Qatar and considers this an important step to support joint Gulf action
Qatargate: "Police arrested a second member of the European parliament, Marc Tarabella (Belgian socialist), in their investigation into foreign governments allegedly bribing politicians to influence government decisions